CARL DIGGLER’S FRIDAY MAILBAG: I Do NOT Suffer From “Sexual Neuroses” But I Will Answer My Readers’ Questions

CARL DIGGLER’S FRIDAY MAILBAG: I Do NOT Suffer From “Sexual Neuroses” But I Will Answer My Readers’ Questions

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After an action-packed week of bare-knuckle politics we can all use a chance to kick back, have a martini or three, and reflect.

On this week’s special episode of the Digcast I recap the five biggest moments of the first Presidential debate. Sadly, in lieu of the insightful interview you’ve come to expect is a cruel pantomime involving my awful Millennial co-workers and Sam Kriss, a British writer. In front of a live audience of boorish drunks at the headquarters of “Genius” (a faddish app beloved by young people with nothing better to do than be entitled to understand the references in rap songs) these three engaged in a mean-spirited parody of me where Sam “psychoanalyzed” my “sexual neuroses” using his friend Lacan. Have a listen just to see how bad they look:

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Now on to your questions:

Carl, what do you make of Trump making an issue out of a former Miss Universe contestant for her weight? Besides appearing piggish and petty to most voters, I think it shows a telling lack of discipline down the stretch during an even race.

Gavin Legume in Palm Beach, Florida

Let me just say that as a feminist, I completely reject what Trump has said about Alicia Machado. Overweight? Overweight? You have no say in how beautiful any woman is, Mr. Trump. How dare you? First of all, sir, every single woman is beautiful. Second of all, if you have any decency left in your wretched soul, you’d know that Ms. Machado is stunning at any weight, with her voluptuous figure and curves a man could get lost in. I would like to take Ms. Machado on a date, and show her how a real man who appreciates women behaves. After a few Michelobs and some glancing into one another’s heart, feminist to male feminist, I would place my hand gently on her

[This section of Carl’s answer has been removed after several legal and reader complaints -.Ed]

After that, Colby’s new stepmom will be proud to say, your father respects women.

The the Dig have anything to do with Pepe the Frog being declared a hate symbol?

Loretta R. Cavendish in Tuddenham, UK

When the Anti-Defamation League added Pepe to their database of hate symbols, the same refrain stirred in the hearts of every journalist and every pundit: “Free at last.

For us Beltway insiders, this is our Civil Rights Act, the culmination of a bitter yearlong struggle against the forces of bigotry and hatred. We have suffered, oh Lord we have suffered, at the hands of the vile Trump trolls and their frog of hate. They flooded our Twitter mentions and set fire to the dumpster that is 2016. But we had resolve. We had each other. Together we would overcome.

We pundits bravely protested in our columns, at our dinner parties, in our voicemails to law enforcement, to our waiters and taxi drivers (who agreed with us that the trolls are pathetic). There were moments of sadness, such as when the trolls would force one of us to deactivate their Twitter for a little while until people could learn to be nice to each other. And there were moments of joy, such as when we laughed at the trolls because we weren’t mad at them, we actually found the whole thing funny.

There were moments of disunity, to be sure. Ron pursued the path of bipartisanship and compromise, whereas, I demanded we fight back by any means necessary, such as calling each of the trolls’ bosses and getting them fired. But we stood united in the hope that we would secure the greatest civil rights victory in a generation.

Now that the vile Pepe frog is officially a hate symbol, the vicious trolls who use it to harass pundits will realize just how bad they look. They will slink away, down into the bowels of their mom’s basements, having proven our point by their own logic. Now, every journalist can stand tall, the dream of a troll-free promised land on Twitter no longer deferred. Free at last!

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