CARL DIGGLER ANNOUNCEMENT: The DigCast Is Here — And I’m Settling Some Scores!


The wait is finally over.

After 30-plus years of patiently predicting and analyzing without error, The Dig finally hits the airwaves.

The Carl Diggler “Digcast” experience is about to change your life. From the first episode on, I will be tearing down sacred cows and turning their hides into Fact Leather. First on the chopping block: Gawker, the gossip rag that has libeled me for 15 years. Listen as I annihilate its editor-in-chief Alex Pareene with logic, forcing him to account for his web site’s crimes:

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But don’t think that just because I’m a big-shot coast-to-coast radio host now that I’ve forgotten you, my loyal readers. You have stood with me through thick and thin, from my time as a POW in Russia through family court setback after family court setback. I’ll still be publishing my Polk Award-nominated columns every week on CAFE and taking questions from you, the Digheads.

Do not, however, ask me about trains.

Carl “The Dig” Diggler has covered national politics for 30 years, and is the author of “Think-ocracy: The Rise Of The Brainy Congressman”. Got a question for the Dig? E-mail him at or Tweet to @carl_diggler.