CAFE’S EXCLUSIVE POLL: 96% of Americans Believe Donald Trump’s “Manhood” is Average or Below Average in Size

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NEW YORK – 96 percent of Americans believe that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “manhood” is average or below average in size, according to a new poll of registered voters commissioned by CAFE.

“The size of Donald Trump’s body parts has obviously been a key area of division during the GOP primary season,” said CAFE Editor-in-Chief Blake Zeff. “We felt it was time to finally take this debate outside the Beltway and give real voters a voice on the matter.”


The issue first came to national attention during the Republican presidential primaries, when Senator Marco Rubio mocked the allegedly diminutive size of Trump’s hands, implying that his manhood must be small as well. This prompted Trump to fire back memorably during a debate in Detroit, Michigan, “I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee.”

The matter reemerged as a key issue in the national debate this holiday weekend, when Rubio told CNN’s Jake Tapper he was sorry for saying what he did about Trump’s body parts.

In the online poll of registered voters, 61 percent surveyed said they believe that Trump’s manhood is average in size, while 35 percent say that the New York billionaire is actually below-average. Just 4 percent of respondents surveyed believe Trump when he says he is above-average.

The poll is the first in a groundbreaking six-part series of national surveys CAFE will be unveiling about the likely GOP nominee. Data was collected through SurveyMonkey and thanks to the work of a pollster so respected that they refused to be publicly associated with this subject matter.

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