The Best Part Of Twitter: Rich & Powerful People Replying To People With Stupid Usernames


If you’ve spent any time there at all, you’ve probably realized that Twitter isn’t a very serious place. Nevertheless, it’s a medium used by important people in numerous relatively serious professions – which means, every so often, you get a wonderful intersection between the serious and the ridiculous. Most of the time, this comes in the form of replying to somebody with an insanely stupid username.

Donald Trump, President of the United States

Granted, this was technically tweeted before Trump became President, but we still really want somebody to ask him if he still keeps in touch with @catpenis.

Ken Rosenthal, Reporter, FOX Sports

It is truly one of history’s greatest tragedies that this tweet was deleted. Underrated aspect? He’s not just tweeting at Mr. Sugar Penis, he’s screaming at him.

On the other hand, this one is still around:

Charmin, Toilet Paper Company

Thank you, Charmin.

Stephen A. Smith, Shouting Guy, ESPN

We could probably dedicate an entire post to Stephen A. Smith’s tweets, and we probably will. This one is on another level, because all he’s really done here is show, like, 3 million people the username “@BiblesNBlowjobs.”

Reuben Frank, Reporter, CSN Philadelphia

Most of these guys are sports reporters. Is there a pattern here? Also, please don’t joke about suicide, Mr. Poon Soaker.

Jon Heyman, Reporter, MLB Network

Jon Heyman has manners. That’s more than we can say for the rest of society.