Ann Coulter Does The Impossible: Makes People Defend Delta Air Lines


If you’re normal, you spent the weekend hanging with friends, maybe grabbing some brunch, watching a movie. If you’re me, you spent the weekend on the edge of your seat, wondering what Ann Coulter was going to tweet next in her ongoing (seriously, it’s still happening) Delta Air Lines Twitter death spiral.

A quick summary, for those of you who have things to do with your lives:

As far as I can tell, there was a clerical error of some sort, and Ann’s seat was accidentally given away. Obviously that sort of thing is a huge hassle to deal with, but it’s also not some malicious decision. It’s a mistake! Mistakes happen!

You know what else happens? Unending multi-day Twitter rants about Delta Air Lines. I’ll save you some time and just skip to my favorite part, in which Ann gets offended that somebody called her out for wasting time on Twitter:

Presented without comment, here are two other tweets from the weekend:

Luckily for Ms. Coulter, it’s not like she has a bunch of old tweets that make her weekend-long freakout look even more childish and hypocritical in comparison.

Whoops, never mind.

Also, I may have figured out why Ann has such an aversion to air travel: