Adult Baby Calls For North Korea To Be “Neutralized”


Fox News correspondent Harlan Hill, who is somehow 26 years old, posted a doozy of a tweet this morning:

Now, in fairness to Harlan โ€“ who, again, is 26 years old โ€“ he followed that tweet up with this one:

Generally speaking, however, when you call for North Korea to be neutralized using a GIF of a nuclear bomb exploding, people might interpret that as, um, a call to nuke North Korea. Don’t tell Harlan that, though!

I’m just spitballing, but maybe the issue here is that youย posted a GIF of a huge mushroom cloud in the same tweet where you called for the neutralization of an entire country.

The other issue here is that maybe you shouldn’t call for outright nuclear eradication when you’re the least intimidating pundit on cable news (yes, including Todd Starnes).

Anyway, the lesson here is, as always: the people screaming loudest for a war are the people least likely to fight in that war.