EXCLUSIVE ACTUAL POLL: 80% of Voters Say Donald Trump’s Father Was the Better Businessman

(credit: Getty)

NEW YORK, NY – Donald Trump has staked his run for president on his reputation as a successful entrepreneur and real estate developer, but CAFE’s exclusive new poll (yes, it’s real) reveals that Americans believe that his father, Fred, was actually the better businessman.

According to our survey, 80% of registered voters say that Fred Trump was a more successful businessman than his more famous son. Fred was the son of immigrants who built a massive real estate empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars, much of which he later handed over to Donald.

The online poll of registered voters, collected through SurveyMonkey, found that millennials were particularly skeptical of the presumptive GOP nominee’s business savvy, with 89% of respondents age 18 to 29 choosing Fred as the more successful businessman. Donald’s reputation was strongest among voters 45 to 59, though 76% of that group still said Trump the elder was the bigger success. The casino mogul and reality TV star also fared poorly with women, as 87% chose Fred Trump over Donald, compared to 72% of men.

Data was collected through SurveyMonkey, and thanks to the work of a bipartisan pollster so respected they refused to be publicly associated with this subject matter. The poll is part of a series of national surveys CAFE will be unveiling about the presumptive GOP nominee.