CAFE’s Guide to Perfectly Predicting the ’16 Election By Watching the Oscars


The nominations for the 2016 Academy Awards are out, giving Americans a much-deserved break from the 2016 presidential race. But did you know the Oscars have, on multiple occasions, predicted the outcomes of election years?

Let’s take a look:

john mccain

In 2008, No Country For Old Men took home the Oscar for Best Picture. John McCain, 71 years old at the time, lost the race for president that November.

Then there was:

george w. bush

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won Best Picture in 2004, paving the way for a second Bush term by the end of the year.

And in 2000?

kevin spacey

Kevin Spacey was awarded Best Actor for his role in American Beauty, though most people maintain Russell Crowe’s performance in Inside Man was far more deserving. The inside man in the White House fell short that year, as well. 

What about 1992?


Oliver Stone’s JFK biopic and George H.W. Bush lost Best Picture and the presidency, respectively. A disappointing year for one-term presidents.


terms of endearment ronald reagan

Terms of Endearment was awarded Best Picture, indicating a second Reagan term America would have to endure endear.

So what about 2016? There are a few possibilities.

trump mad max

If Mad Max: Fury Road wins the Academy Award for Best Picture, Donald Trump will become president, as they are both super loud, vaguely orange, and heavily occupied with blowing up people in the desert.

cruz brooklyn

Ted Cruz will become president if Brookyln takes home Best Picture, as both are part Canadian and borrow a lot of ideas from the 1950s.

bernie the revenant

If Leo’s performance in The Revenant wins him the Academy Award for Best Actor, Bernie Sanders will win the presidency, because come on already.