About CAFE

CAFE is the newest entertainment brand from Some Spider Studios, a fast-growing, profitable media start-up, already ranked #44 among all US-based media companies in this complicated metric we only pretend to comprehend. Led by a team of comics, internet gurus and TV producers, CAFE creates smart, funny content each day, taking on current events and everyday culture.

In just its first year, CAFE has reached over 75 million people a month (mostly members of a new, little-discussed demographic called “millennials”), while achieving viral success with its parody political pundit, Carl Diggler, profiled in the New YorkerComplex, and the Washington Post — as well as massive video hits (e.g., an exclusive investigation into the Hoosick Falls water poisoning scandal), popular video games, and “Girl Friday,” the #59 podcast on iTunes. In addition, CAFE also creates articles, jokes, pranks, web franchises and confusion on Google when people seek out places to get coffee.

CAFE Staff

Blake Zeff, Chief Content Officer, CAFE Originals

Blake Zeff is the chief content officer of CAFE Originals, and the legal grandfather of Carl Diggler.

Bryan Carmel

Bryan Carmel, Head of Video

Bryan Carmel creates thought-provoking funny stuff across film, tv, and the internet. He made the cult-hit SXSW Audience Award-winning documentary Kumaré and The Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef (aka “the Egyptian Jon Stewart”).

Ashley Simpo

Ashley Simpo, Digital Content Manager

California wasn’t weird enough so she moved to Brooklyn. Ashley is a writer and a mom. She wants to remind you that everyone on this page wrote their own bio.  Twitter: @ashleysimpo

Brendan Colthurst, Digital Showrunner, Executive in Charge of Production

As a comedy director, Brendan has worked with Mr. T.,  Jonathon Winters, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, Julie Klausner, Fred Armisen, Chelsea Peretti, and Amy Poehler, among others. As a Producer, Brendan made Kumaré with Bryan Carmel and has made hidden-camera pranks for V8, Trident, Bayer, and Yahoo and produced promotional sketches for the feature Miss March.

April Hewston, Digital Showrunner

April comes to CAFE from the socially conscious world of Reality TV where she has worked to expose the struggles of privileged American teens on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, taught women that it’s the outside that counts on TLC’s What Not To Wear, and contributed to the local economy by pranking small businesses on Money From Strangers. She also developed new series like “Town of the Living Dead” on SyFy and Freeform’s late night comedy show “Later Bitches.”

Briana Haynie

Briana Haynie, Writer /Video Producer

Briana is the writer and host of the series Why It Sucks To Be A Woman and the producer of Girl Friday with Erin Gloria Ryan. Her personal brand can be described as American Girl Doll who’s given up. Twitter: @brihaynie

Matt Binder, Writer /Video Producer

Matt Binder is the host of CAFE’s The Real Fake News and all-around video producer. You can find him spending too much time on Twitter, obsessing about pro wrestling, and reliving the 2016 Democratic primary for all eternity. Twitter: @mattbinder

Rob Whisman

Rob Whisman, Writer /Graphic Designer

Rob Whisman is a former internet troll from Kentucky. He enjoys hiking, going to the gym, and over-selling himself in autobiographies. Twitter: @robwhisman

Todd Dracula

Todd Dracula, Writer /Video Producer

Todd Dracula is a satirist who edits found footage video. He is most known for his Alex Jones and Donald Trump edits, including “Alex Jones Uncovers Pickle-Gate” and “Marty McFly Drag Races Donald Trump.” His work has been featured on Huffington Post, Gothamist and New York Magazine.
Twitter: @todddracula

Stefan Janke

Stefan Heck, Graphic Designer & Social Content Producer

Stefan Heck is a comedy writer and graphic designer from Vancouver, Canada. He is blocked on Twitter by Dog the Bounty Hunter, Taco Bell, and Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife. Twitter: @boring_as_heck