A Twitter Play In 3 Acts: Jack Posobiec’s “Free Speech Is Good, Except When I Disagree With It Politically”


In a level of cognitive dissonance worthy only to an avid Trump supporter, last Friday Jack Posobiec interrupted Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” in New York’s Central Park for the production’s use of Trump as the title character. Posobiec and another protester that evening claimed using Trump as Caesar is normalizing the “political violence against the right.” (Completely ignoring the same production using Obama as Caesar when he was president.)

This begs the question, does the alt-right darling, professional conspiracy theorist, and self-identified theater critic genuinely believe in free speech?

Let’s investigate further with our Twitter play in three acts, “Jack Posobiec loves free speech and isn’t being selective about it for political gain at all.”

ACT I: Play interrupted

By shutdown, he meant stopped for a brief moment.


I guess no one told him since he’s white peaceful protest is considered free speech????????

ACT II: Fuck the first amendment

Empathy towards the LGBTQIA+ community or thinly veiled excuse to fire someone who insulted Donald Trump?

Colbert insulted Muslims, immigrants, Mexicans, people with disabilities and admitted to sexually assaulting women and grabbing them by the pussy?

Starting to sense a pattern here that if you insult or criticize the president…

Oh, nevermind.


PLOT TWIST: It has to be *right wing* hate speech to be considered free speech!

“Unsolved murder.”