A Quick Guide To Talking About Politics Using Game Of Thrones References


Guess what returns this Sunday? Yes, Game of Thrones, but we’re referring to something even better: discussing politics using Game of Thrones references. Our fellow Throne-heads know what we’re talking about. Politics. Game of Thrones. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the two of them (On account of they’re both so crazy). If you’re unfamiliar with either politics or GoT, don’t despair: we’ve got you covered with these sample talking points.


  1. You see the latest Trump news? It’s a real Game of Thrones over there in Washington, huh?

  2. Is this healthcare stuff just a game to these politicians? A Game of Thrones, that is.

  3. All of the politics stories right now are basically the same as several Game of Thrones storylines. Don’t ask me to expand further on this.

  4. Donald Trump is like… Khaleesi? I think. He might be the opposite. Whatever makes this reference work for you.

  5. HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, which I am deeply familiar with, is exactly like the politics thing everybody is talking about, which I am also deeply familiar with.