“Deadpool” to Join “Passion of the Christ” as Top-Grossing Film, Proving America Loves Superheroes Who Come Back to Life


Deadpool earned $491 million in its first two weeks, putting it on pace to eclipse the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, Passion of the Christ, which is also about a superhero who comes back to life.

The similarities between the two films don’t end there. There are several common threads at play. Here are a few:

  • Both movies have long torture scenes
  • The villain in Deadpool is clearly destined for eternal hellfire, like Pontius Pilate
  • The main sidekick in both movies is moral absolutism
  • The protagonists have a history with prostitutes
  • Both movies benefit from having a previously established cult following
  • Ryan Reynolds looks a lot like the Jesus that America is used to—albeit with shorter hair

What could account for Deadpool doing slightly better is the lack of spoilers available in the Bible.