6 Other Inappropriate Things Hillary Clinton Should Definitely Not Do to Woo Latinos

(DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

On the waves of grandmotherly bliss after Chelsea announced her second pregnancy, Hillary Clinton’s campaign shared a post this week comparing her to all abuelas, or Hispanic grandmothers, everywhere. But — surprisingly?! — the post went over just as well with Latino voters as that time your grandmother made a Star Wars reference on national television. Latino Americans and fourteen (going on forty) year-old boys all over are experiencing record rates of cringe-induced neck pain.

With that in mind, here’s a list of six other things that Hillary should stay clear of if she actually wants the respeto she is looking for from Hispanic voters.

1. Dancing in public to Latin music like you’re doing the macarena in your bathroom.  Oh wait…

2. Bragging about how your mom was a domestic worker just like Rosario from Will & Grace. Hmmmm…

3. Pretending that you didn’t learn Spanish from the Taco Bell Dog. Oops.

4. Speaking Spanish phrases you translated on Google. Well…

5. Casually mixing up “illegal” and “immigrant” like “Soy Hillary” and “Soy Sauce”. Ehhhhhhh.

6. Flip flopping on border issues like you’re wearing fitflops on the beach in Cancun. Shit.