4 Organizations That Are More Controversial Than Women Having Access To Affordable Healthcare


We Rate Dogs, Twitter’s favorite animal account, succumbed to the Donald Trump “Covfefe” craze Tuesday night and got into some hot water with conservatives and liberals alike. The account inadvertently pissed off the internet by capitalizing on Donald Trump’s infamous “Covfefe” tweet with unfortunate merchandise.

After receiving some hefty backlash for his impromptu entrepreneurial efforts the owner of the account, 20-year-old Matt Nelson decided to donate half the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Predictably, conservatives and pro-lifers were not happy with the decision and bombarded the account. 

Yikes, Stephanie. Tell us how you really feel.

The following day, in a now-deleted tweet, Nelson apologized for “politicizing” the account and pledged to donate future proceeds to an animal shelter.

Capitalizing on a viral tweet isn’t the most honorable thing, but whatevs. Someone should be making money off the president’s incompetence. I feel for Nelson. I do, poor guy is just trying to shine a light in the dark corners of the internet with happy puppies. But Planned Parenthood should never be apologized for. Women having access to life-saving healthcare is not controversial. Full stop. Seriously why is this country so allergic to giving people access to affordable and quality health care?

Instead, here are a few organizations people should actually bitch about if donated to.



You know that awful group of white people (#notallwhitepeople) responsible for decades of racist terror, violence, and murder of black Americans. Yea, they’re monsters. Bitch about them rather than electing them to office and planting them in our police force.


Westboro Baptist Church

The “church” from Kansas that protests funerals because they believe all tragedies are a result of society’s acceptance of homosexuality. (lol) These fuckers wanted to picket the mass vigil for the victims of Sandy Hook, which included 20 children.


National Rifles Association

The reason why our nation has dangerously loose gun control laws contributing to the normalization of violence and mass shootings by making buying a gun as easy as ordering from GrubHub. 

Any Fantasy Football League

With the NFL’s wide acceptance of rapists and violent men (but not black men peacefully protesting) you can argue this shit is more controversial than helping women have access to cancer screenings. Yea, Brad’s bet should piss you off more than Lisa checking her breast for cancer. 

I know, I know. I am preaching to the choir here but seriously, women’s health is not a political issue, it’s a human fucking right.