4 Acts Just As Effective at Stopping Mass Shootings as Sending Your Thoughts & Prayers


After a mass shooting like San Bernardino, politicians and users of social media like to send their thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. But there have been a lot of mass shootings this year and maybe you’re looking for something different to do that will have the same effect as sending prayers.

So after the next mass shooting try doing one of these four things instead of sending your thoughts and prayers.

Take A Walk

Two senior black women exercising together

Get out and get some fresh air. It will make you feel better and it will also send a message to all the bad guys with guns to stop being bad, mean killers.

Punch A Wall

Young female boxer working out

That’s right; get your aggression out. You’re angry, so angry, there was another mass shooting! All those holes in your wall will show the universe that you’re not playing around, you want these mass shootings to stop.

Yell Into A Canyon

What a day to be alive

Everyone takes a person yelling into a canyon seriously, even God. God will see you yelling and think, “I’m def going to stop the next bad guy from shooting up a k-mart because this guy is yelling into a canyon.”

Watch NCIS

Mature couple watching tv together

Watching a TV show where the good guys always get the bad guys sends a clear and concise message to Congress that you don’t want bad guys to get away with murder anymore.

There you go, four other things you can do that are just as effective at stopping mass shootings as prayers and thoughts. Isn’t it nice to know that when the next shooting occurs, you’ll have some other options?