21 Words & Phrases Taylor Swift Should Trademark Next

(Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images for TAS)

Taylor Swift is the biggest pop star ever, according to her rabid fan base, which is not to be messed with. And when you are this kind of star, you get to do things like trademark everyday words and phrases that you happened to use in a song once; and, of course, Swift has done just that.

This month alone, Taylor has filed 20 trademark applications for phrases such as “Blank Space” and the title of her latest album, which is also her birth year, “1989.” This is a common practice for the pop singer, who in the past has trademarked phrases such as “This Sick Beat,” “Cause We’ll Never Go Out Of Style,” and “Could Show You Incredible Things.” Since Taylor continues to grow her brand this way, here is a list of words and phrases she has either used or been associated with — and that she really ought to trademark next.

1. Blond

2. Tall

3. Red Lipstick

4. Squad

5. Squad Goals

6. Girl Friends

7. Excuse me Taylor, I’ma Let You Finish…

8. To Apple, Love Taylor

9. Apple Music

10. Twitter Feud

11. Cat lady

12. Cats

13. I Want To Meet Taylor Swift

14. Sparkly Dresses

15. New York City

16. Ft. Kendrick Lamar

17. World Tour

18. Feminist

19. This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

20. Special Guest

21. Lena Dunham