We Asked the Presidential Candidates: What’s on Your Thanksgiving Table?


Thanksgiving is a time to honor age-old American values like sharing and taking. But it can also be a platform to express political values. We caught up with some of the candidates and asked them to share their favorite Thanksgiving day recipes!

Donald Trump’s Sliced Redskins

Trump’s personal favorite Thanksgiving side is a simple potato dish that he calls Sliced Redskins. “They represent the Indians’ role in Thanksgiving” noted the candidate. Asked if he thought the name was offensive, he firmly stated that he knew “Indians that are extremely proud of that name for the football team, so why would they mind a potato?”  


Ben Carson’s Mixed Grain Pyramids

Ben Carson’s favorite Thanksgiving food brings him back to his childhood in Detroit, where his mother would soothe his self-professed angry temper with nourishing meals. She was particularly fond of preparing Mixed-Grain Pyramids, honoring the Egyptian structures that were built to store grains. Don’t forget to top it off with a Mannatech nutritional supplement!


Ted Cruz’s Machine-Gun Gobbler

After tasting the sizzling machine-gun bacon (technically prepared on a rifle), Cruz decided to step up to another challenge – machine-gun turkey!