Palin Blames Obama for Everything But Making Her Rich

For Sarah Palin, it’s still 2008 and everything is all Obama’s fault.

Her bee-bop speeches are nearly always peppered with references that barely made sense during her failed campaign to become the person that ensured no one would ever let John McCain die.

The Greek columns of Obama’s Democratic convention speech of that year and gleeful allusions to the “bitter clingers” gaffe recorded during an Obama fundraiser earlier that same year are still pillars of the two speeches she’s already given on behalf of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which — amazingly — seem to have been written in advance.

On Wednesday, she even found a way to draw her old foe into her genuinely disturbing family drama.

Just after she endorsed Trump, news broke that her son Track had been arrested for domestic abuse. And you’ll never guess who’s at fault!

“But my son, like so many others, they come back a bit different,” she said, referencing Track’s service in Iraq. “They come back hardened. They come back wondering if there is that respect for what it is that their fellow soldiers and airmen, and every other member of the military, so sacrificially have given to this country. And that starts from the top.”

Another lesson in personal responsibility from Sarah Palin.

Palin — who might be able to afford the best medical care available for her son with the millions she’s earned since quitting her job as governor to be mad at Obama full-time — was referencing the VA scandals that broke over the last few years.

But even veterans who were outraged by the delays their comrades endured found the attack disturbing.

“It’s not President Obama’s fault that Sarah Palin’s son has PTSD,” said Paul Rieckhoff, who leads Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). “PTSD is a very serious problem, a complicated mental health injury and I would be extremely reluctant to blame any one person in particular.”

Palin’s triumphs almost always seem to be echoed by family drama and social ills most conservatives try to pretend aren’t possible in God-fearing households.

Her teenage daughter’s pregnancy became public just after she was plucked from obscurity to become McCain’s running mate. And now she is looking at a Republican Party that has become completely taken over by her “bizarre, free-associating enjambment of disparate concepts and slogans, tossed together in a crazy salad of words.”

Republicans are torn between a candidate she ushered into the limelight — Ted Cruz — and a candidate she endorsed who is like a richer, classier, more sclerotic version of the white angst she once personified.

It’s Palin’s party now. But you won’t see her thanking Obama for that.